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How Thrutu can help you share the love!

Valentine’s Day is a day meant to be shared with the ones you love. For couples in both near and long distance relationships – and for friends boycotting the holiday – Thrutu can help to make your February 14th more memorable! Here are a few tips for teching-up your Valentine’s Day with Thrutu:

To let your special someone know that you’re thinking about them during the day, start an Interactive session and give them a Prod or share how you feel with the Mood button. (While you may think it shows how enthusiastic you are, try to avoid sending Prods all day long. You may find your interactive overtures quickly quashed.)

If you open the door in the morning to find a bouquet of flowers on your porch, Snap and Send a picture to say “thanks” to your Valentine. This can also work well for budget-conscious celebrators – just find and send a picture of the dream bouquet you’ll buy one day.

Don’t spend the evening alone – call someone and plan a spontaneous rendezvous! Use the Meet Me button to find the perfect place that’s half way between your homes or offices.

Take your special someone on a surprise date. Tell him the neighborhood, but make it a scavenger hunt and let him find where you are with the Location button. Fun and romantic!

If you’re feeling romantic, use the Doodle button to send a personalized drawing of a heart or a handwritten love note. (Guys, your girlfriends will swoon over this one.) Recently unlucky in love? Combine Doodle with an old Gallery Photo and X out your ex. Send it to a friend who can sympathize with your catharsis, and then call each other up to talk it out!

These are just a few suggestions for how Thrutu can come in handy on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year when you want to show a special someone in your life (and that includes your mom!) that you love them and care about them.

We’d love to hear how you use Thrutu to share the love! Leave us a note below or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Thrutu on the Slopes

Slow as it was to arrive, winter is finally here, and snow aficionados of every sort – from snowboarders to apres-skiiers – are dreaming about weekend mountain trips to escape the hustle and bustle of the work week. Even so, it can be stressful trying to get everyone on a ski vacation to agree about when to meet at the base of the mountain, what ski lift to ride next, where to grab lunch, and so on – it all has the makings of a communications nightmare.

Remember when the solution was to carry around a bulky radio or set of walkie-talkies? Thankfully, those days are gone, and most ski resorts have excellent wireless connectivity so your smartphone (and favorite apps) work unfettered. Thrutu takes mobile-equipped skiing one step further and makes communicating with friends and family on a ski trip easier than ever before, thanks to real-time interaction and geo-location services. Whether you call to hash out the details or simply open an SMS-inspired Thrutu Interactive session, here are a few ways you can start using the Thrutu app on your next trip to the mountains:

  • Share your Location to show your ski buddy what side of the mountain you’re on.
  • Snap a Photo of the whole gang atop the mountain and share it with folks back home.
  • Meet a snow bunny at the lodge? Get her digits from a friend via the Contacts button.
  • Share the (hopefully) snowy weather report with your jealous friends back home with the Wish you were here? button – and then hop on a phone call to apologize.

Most people first fell in love with Thrutu for its phone call enhancement, but Thrutu Interactive allows you to use any of the Thrutu buttons and even send free text messages when outside of a phone call too! Best of all, it’s especially well suited for active mountain environments. If you’re not free to pick up a phone call while speeding down the slopes, Thrutu Interactive makes it easy to exchange info on a more relaxed schedule.

To make using your phone while skiing even easier, check out these slick touchscreen gloves technology blog Mashable collected that allow you to interact with a smartphone screen without subjecting your fingers to frigid temps.

Before your friends and family head off to the mountains this winter, make sure everyone has downloaded the Thrutu app! Let us know how you and your friends use Thrutu on the slopes this season by finding us on Twitter or Facebook.

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Eyeing the Hardware: Getting Ready for Mobile World Congress 2012

One of the biggest moments in mobile takes place in Barcelona each year – the GSMA Mobile World Congress. It’s one of the largest mobile industry trade shows, and it’s now just under a month away. On the heels of CES and with rumors already swirling about what innovations might be next to come in 2012, it’s doubtful we’re the only ones waiting with bated breath to see what cutting edge technologies and products are unveiled this time around! Last year, Mobile World Congress hosted more than 1,400 exhibitors and attracted over 60,000 visitors. The event is projected to be even bigger this year, and we’re excited to announce Thrutu will be right in the middle of the action!

Not only will Thrutu be at the show (co-exhibiting with our parent company Metaswitch), but we’re also a finalist for “Most Innovative Mobile App” at the 2012 Global Mobile Awards! It’s a huge honor to be considered for this prestigious award alongside so many other pioneers and legendary names in the world of mobile. With over six hundred entries, an event record, the GSMA Global Mobile Awards (which have been around since the beginning of “mobile” in the 90’s) have never been so competitive. The nominees in the Most Innovative Mobile App category represent a wide range of impressive mobile services including Google Wallet, one of the leading mobile credit card services, and Shazam, the most popular mobile app for music identification. To be chosen as a finalist alongside these other high profile mobile companies confirms yet again that our Thrutu app presents a truly unique technology that foreshadows the future of mobile communication.

The 2012 Mobile World Conference is taking place in Barcelona, Spain February 27th through March 1st. Get your passports in order and come join us! If you can’t attend in-person, check out the MWC conversation on Twitter using hashtag #mwc12.

Hope to see you there!

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