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Announcing GUEST JUDGE for Thrutu Developer Contest!

Developers! Put down your keyboards for a second, because you’re going to want to hear this – we’re announcing the Button Developer Contest judging panel, including a very special guest judge from the heart of the developer community.

Adam DuVander is executive editor of ProgrammableWeb, an awesome blog dedicated exclusively to APIs and mashups. They’ve covered Thrutu a couple times, back when we launched our open APIs and then again when we first announced this contest! (So meta.) Adam, a huge advocate for developers and cool, innovative things on mobile and web platforms, is our special guest judge for this contest – and he’s incredibly eager to check out your buttons! Who knows, you may even find your creations featured on ProgrammableWeb if you win…

In addition to Adam, our own intrepid leaders, Liz Rice and Chris Mairs, will also be overseeing button judging. Liz, VP of Thrutu, formerly worked at Skype and and has been helming the Thrutu adventure since it first kicked off in March 2010. She’s helped design the original app and influenced the buttons Thrutu itself has put forth since launch. Chris is CTO of Thrutu and CSO at our parent company, Metaswitch. If the fancy acronyms didn’t already impress you, Chris has worked in the telephony and communications industry for more than 30 years, personally overseeing the architecture of Metaswitch’s original products.

Don’t forget – you have until September 30 to submit your buttons via Be sure to crank ‘em out and get ‘em in! Of course, drop us a line if you have any questions. Happy developing!


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